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Postpartum Time

Sessions Can Be Booked at Two Locations in Oslo

"The Is A Big Difference Between The Ability To Do Everything By Yourself & The Need To Do It...Support Covers The Need & It Does Not, In Any Way, Question Your Skills Or Your Will To Mother Your Child... Take The Help... It Is Empowering, It Is Healing & It Is An Investment On Your Own Physical & Mental Wellbeing, Today & In The Future..."

Kate Brinch Sand 

Why Postpartum Bodywork?

In the world of massage it is said that "the issues are in the tissues". Our tissues undergo tremendous adaptations throughout our lives. Our body preserves memories from a life before motherhood & the profound impact of pregnancy, birth & postpartum imprint themselves into our tissues; postpartum is an encounter with our shadow & the period of time from conception & through exogestation is a time of deep & complex evolution for the new mother who must undergo critical physiological changes to provide baby with the necessary environment to thrive. Mothers are not meant to do this without care & support, yet they do most of the time. The transition leaves a print on our body, our tissues, and bodywork helps the mother process her experiences.  


In our journey into & through motherhood we experience primarily three types of touch: needs touch from our newborn; needs touch from our partner & other children; exploratory touch from medical providers. Massage & bodywork provide a (new) mother with a space of calm & restoration, where her body encounters an opportunity to receive touch which only gives but does not take anything from her; except for whatever she wants to release & let go off.

Whom is this space for?

  • For any woman who has had a pregnancy of any length, at any point in her life & with any outcome, this includes mothers who have experienced loss in pregnancy, birth or who have parted ways with their baby after childbirth. 

  • For mothers who came into their journey through adoption or surrogacy.

  • For any birthing parent experiencing postpartum or the long term effects of it, regardless of how they identify themselves or what labels they use.

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Postpartum Massage & Rebozo Bodywork

Early Postpartum Massage Therapy & Rebozo Bodywork

The Restoration

Who is this for? Postpartum mothers in the first 12-16 weeks after pregnancy/birth who want therapeutic massage & the closing benefits of rebozo after pregnancy. If you have experienced loss, this massage is also for you.
* If you have experienced loss, this massage is also for you.

This unique blend of techniques is the result of years of study, practice & exploration into the world of bodywork; This session is a unique 80-minute experience of rest, restoration & therapeutic work …(Full description & practical information)

*If you have experienced loss, this massage is also for you.

*Previously named Postpartum Healing Signature Massage.

*Massage & bodywork do not substitute being treated by a healthcare professional in case of physical or mental health concerns in postpartum. 

80 Min - Motherhood Massage Session

1,250 NoK


At-Home Motherhood Massage Session

80 minutes

1,600 NoK

This Service is Available in

Under-Livet & Majorstua

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This is a mid to late Postpartum Massage Therapy & Rebozo Bodywork  Session for mothers from 16 weeks after pregnancy/birth & beyond well into the 3rd age. The bodywork here is much deeper than in early postpartum so book this session If you have not received any postpartum bodywork, if you like deep massage, if you suffer from chronic pain & stress or have untreated ailments which started in pregnancy/birth.

80 Min - Motherhood Massage Session

1,250 NoK


At-Home Motherhood Massage Session

80 minutes

1,600 NoK

This Service is Available in

Under-Livet & Majorstua


Though traditionally used for realignment, rebozo bone closing/hip closing/"cerrada" is a unique form of bodywork for women of all ages who will benefit from this physically & emotionally restoring form of traditional care…(Read full description & practical information)

*Rebozo closing bodywork does not substitute being treated by a healthcare professional in case of physical or mental health concerns in postpartum. 

60 Min - Motherhood Massage Session

850 NoK


At-Home Motherhood Massage Session

80 minutes

1,600 NoK

This Service is Available in

Under-Livet & Majorstua


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Postpartum Thai Bodywork

The Passage

Who is this for? 
For mothers who would like to experience the restitution benefits of Thai Massage, a traditional form of bodywork ideal for mothers who are feeling touched out.

Not Postpartum? Try The Wholesome Instead for a Full Thai Massage Experience or The Balance  For a Therapeutic Experience.

Thai Massage modified to the postpartum needs of the new mother. The benefit of Thai Massage for postpartum is that many mothers feel touched-out through pregnancy, birth & motherhood, so a less invasive approach can be extremely beneficial for the body & mind...(Read full description & practical information)


*Thai postpartum bodywork does not substitute being treated by a healthcare professional in case of physical or mental health concerns in postpartum. 

60 min Motherhood Massage Session

 850 Nok

This Service is Available in

Under-Livet & Majorstua


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Rebozo Massage-20_edited.jpg
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Other Postpartum Offerings


Private Babywearing Consultations

The Sling

Who is this for? Parents looking to discover Babywearing, advance their skills in a private, relax setting with full support & dedication or those who need a simple tweak or adjustment.  

For Sling Rentals with Oslo Sling Library check here.

Babywearing is about warmth, closeness & care. A private consultation will allow you to learn about  safety for baby & parent, carrying techniques, available options & other skills. Private consults are also good to improve your technique, try new carriers, get advice or support in troubleshooting your own sling. As a massage therapist & babywearing consultant, appointments with me have special focus on how parents carry & I look at helping achieve the possibility of babywearing while avoiding pain & discomfort...(Read full description)


*To learn about babywearing & the recovering body click here.

30 min - Express Session

450 NoK

90 minutes Session

1,250 NoK

60 Minutes Online Session

850 NoK


90 Min At-Home Session

1,600 NoK

This Service is Available in Under-Livet & Majorstua


Birth Story Listening

The Sense

Who is this for? Mothers between 4 weeks & 4 years after the birth & who are keen on exploring a traumatic or unresolved birth experience in a safe & nurturing setting.

Looking for The Full Experience? Try The Whisper for a Combined Rebozo Massage & Birth Story Listening Session.

As a Certified Birth Story Listener with Birth Story Medicine, I offer this space for mothers who are looking to explore their birth experience in a safe space & with the proper guidance. Birth Story Medicine is best applied between 4 weeks & 4 years post-birth...(Read full description)


*Although trauma is not a requirement for birth story processing, a sense of "unfinished, incomplete" is necessary to get into the session with success. Anyone is free to book & your story will be explored to the best of my ability & with the safest guidance, however, this is not a "linear story telling" session.

90 min

1,250 NoK


70 min Online

1000 NoK

90 min At-Home

1,600 NoK

This Service is Available in Under-Livet & Majorstua

Online support sessions are available for (new) parents who are looking for a safe space to address their concerns & questions, to share experiences & ideas in an empathic environment which enforces the parent's own intuition / sense of self in making choices. This is a judgement free space where it's you who sets the pace.


*Online Support does not substitute the need for medical care where mental health concerns pose a risk to mother or child. 

Online 30 Minutes

450 NoK


Group Session 90 Minutes

250 NoK


The Milk & Oil Mother Policy

  • The session is built around each unique mother & babies are always welcome. Please inform in advance if baby is coming.

  • Because, babies, all motherhood sessions have a 30 minute buffer time allotted for any delay you may encounter. 

  • If baby joins you, the massage will be modified to adapt to your & your baby’s needs, while the same 30 minutes of buffer time are reserved for you.

  • You don’t pay extra for these benefits or for common penalties that other providers impose.

Here's the deal, no one needs massage therapy more than mothers. Season mothers need it for general wellbeing while new mothers need it as part of the Five Pillars of Postpartum. The rush & demands of the 21st century make massage unattainable for most mothers, particularly in the first year of a baby’s life. It’s hard to be on time, babies are unpredictable, nights may be chaotic, kids get sick, there's little to no support & businesses don't take any of this into consideration. Alas, mothers don’t book bodywork because it’s expensive to risk a last minute cancellation or because most places aren't really happy to have a baby in a massage space.


Taking into consideration how unexpected life becomes with a new baby, at The Milk & Oil Company mothers with babies under 12 months & children of barnehage age are allowed to cancel or re-schedule a booked session last minute, without penalty, up to two times in a row. Yes. Even up to 1 minute before.

Please read the terms & conditions of service before booking, to learn how TM&O Co. is built on a mother-care/woman-care philosophy.


Practical Care For those Days When a Little Extra Support is Needed: In pregnancy, Postpartum & Any Stage of Motherhood

Postpartum & Motherhood Doula


What is Postpartum & Motherhood Doula Support?

A Postpartum Doula is a traditional care provider for a new mother. 

A doula, a term coined by Dana Raphael in 1969, is an invaluable asset for the care & support of a woman transition into motherhood, from pregnancy to postpartum & beyond the first few months; through birth & loss,;doulas bring more than an extra pair of hands & practical care.

Specifically speaking about postpartum, a doula brings unbiased, objective, rested, neutral support; a doula brings evidence based information, not advice; a doula provides a space free of judgement & other limitations for you to grow into your own role & find your way into motherhood. Finally a doula brings practical support & a skills to assist & promote restitution for the mother, as well as that extra layer of support for the partner. 

As a postpartum doula I work for you & I center my support around your recovery, following your lead & being present in your terms*.

I believe doula care doesn't come with an expiration date, so whether in the first trimester of your pregnancy, in early postpartum, or years down the journey of motherhood, if you believe you need care & support, then doula care is probably for you.

Why Invest in Doula Support for Postpartum & Motherhood?

There is so much invested in a woman during the time of her pregnancy. She is cared for & she is at the center stage showered in attention. When the baby is born, the attention passes to the baby. This may feel natural to some but in reality, it is the mother who requires continuous care because becoming a a mother is one of the most transforming experiences life can present.


As a new mother you will be navigating a world of uncertainty in a very vulnerable state, being both the caretaker & needing to be taken care of. Regardless of how our pregnancies & births developed, postpartum is a time of physical recovery that is, many times, put aside as a mundane event that has no real meaning. 

Postpartum is a time of recovery, restitution, transformation & adaptation. every birthing parent will experience this physiological transition; it is unavoidable & unpredictable. What we do know is that a mother will need extra care & support. We know mothers  should rest, eat well, treat their body with extra attention, keep warm & have a stronghold of support including close family & friends, as well as good sources of professional care such as a doula, a breastfeeding consultant, babywearing support, massage, cleaning, etc. 

As a postpartum professional, my purpose is to tend to the mother, making sure her need for rest is covered. 

As a motherhood doula I bring support & warmth to ease the need for care during pregnancy & at any stage of your motherhood journey. 

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For the next Innate Postpartum: Planning for the Fourth Trimester Workshop to prepare & shift the focus back to the mother, her needs & the importance of mother wellbeing for family wellbeing. 

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"Postpartum & Motherhood were never meant to be spent in survival mode, but it's not as easy as it sounds, so let someone hold space for you & give you the extra hands you need to rest, keep warm & find your way."


Kate Brinch Sand 

What does Doula Care at-Home Look Like?

If you are an early postpartum mother you will have access to all my services including babywearing guidance, breastfeeding support, providing unbiased information for you to make choices, as well as all the practical support at home to help you skip the tediousness of home care during a time where your body & mind need to focus on themselves.

But there's much more. As a massage therapist specialised in women's well being, the whole aspect of my care is centered around  ensuring WARMTH to achieve the rest of the "pillars of postpartum"  (rest, nourishment, bodywork, warmth, social support). And I achieve this warmth through massage & bodywork. 

So whether you are pregnant, postpartum or further along your motherhood journey, in my care you'll have access to unlimited bodywork options & practical support, the hands on kind of support where you rest while I take care of the tasks at home. 

My work does come with limitations & thus, it's important to differentiate between a doula & a cleaner or cook

And because doulas offer a variety of services & packages that include various forms of care, support & practical help, I recommend you shop around, be picky, choose one or several doulas to care for you as not everyone can bring the same skills or energy to the room. 

How does this work?

  1. I recommend to read more about Doula Support at The Milk & Oil Company as a way to start.

  2. After you read I am happy to answer any questions you have during a one-time free consult which you can book here. The consult is a great way to get to know me so you can decide if our values align & if you feel comfortable with me, so feel free to ask any sort of question.

  3. The next step is to choose how many visits you'd like to have & how you would like to pay. You can see the various options by checking out the  options section. 

  4. If you choose daily visits there is no contract, just a form to fill out & you will be billed per visit. 

  5. If you choose packaged hours you will sign a contract & pay in blocks every two weeks. 

  6. The rest of the details will be discussed in the free consult or you can learn more about the terms for hiring my services here.  

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Innate Postpartum: Planning for the Fourth Trimester Workshop

Is there something else I should know?

Yes ! Doula support during postpartum (or at any stage in motherhood) is a very intimate, close relationship. Whomever you choose, take the time to do so without pressure. 


  • Choose a doula for yourself because you deserve the care & attention; it takes a village.

  • Choose one or several doulas, sounds crazy but why not get the best from every one out there.

  • Choose a doula whose values match yours, whose philosophy aligns with yours, whose language is comfortable for you.

  • Do not choose a doula because your friend or relative did so, give yourself the time to talk to several doulas in your area & get a good feel for connection.

  • When you meet your doula, ask questions, ask all the questions. The truth is, a professional doula should be doing the same; asking questions to see if there is a good alignment.

  • Providing care for a mother in such a private, raw & frail period of time requires chemistry & affinity. Chose a doula because you feel comfortable with her, this is the first test of trusting your gut so rely on your intuition.   ​

I offer a FREE consultation where you can ask me questions & where I will ask you questions. You do not need to feel obliged to hire my services after, there is no catch, no obligations. 

This shot is supposed to empathise a metaphor of the baby that was inside the womb and now

Information & Prices


2.5 Hrs Postpartum Care 

 The Short Visit

Who is this for?

Mothers & families at any stage of their postpartum journey - particularly, but not limited to - the immediate time after birth.

Pregnant mothers & any mother who needs support.


Practical Information

  • A long visit provides more ample time for care & support that you will feel reinvigorated & energized.

  • We can include house chores, bodywork, babywearing and/or birth story processing & still give you time to rest.

What I can do for you:

  • CARE: Access to all my offerings, particularly bodywork.

  • PRACTICAL SUPPORT: the hands on stuff at home & with the baby.

  • INFORMATION: Unbiased, evidence based. 

  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: the kind that is non judgmental & supports your intuition.

  • JUDGEMENT FREE SPACE: for you to experience motherhood at your own pace, a space to address any feelings or changes that may highlight or hinder your experience  (your body, relationships, struggles, social media, intuition, etcetera) 

  • EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS: assisting you with other children in the house or helping with baby so you can have some one on one time with your older children.

  • CHORES: the tedious stuff that truly undermines your ability to rest & recover. But not like heavy lifting, driving people around, barnehage pick-ups & drop-offs, deep cleaning of house or outdoor spaces, or babysitting children without the mother being in the house. 

Postpartum is a life changing journey that follows any pregnancy of any length or outcome.

In the first several weeks new mothers are recovering from the most intense event their body will experience & with the creation of life comes the depletion of the mother's inner resources. 

Postpartum is a physiological event, so it's not any different from pregnancy where support & care are needed for the mother to thrive. Pregnant mothers can also request doula support, especially if struggling with sickness in the first trimester. 


The need for care is not a sign of weakness or lack of abilities.

The need for support is an imperative so that the new mother can replenish her sources & regenerate her body from the inside.

The physiological needs that come with birth & postpartum require that the mother focuses on rest, nutrition & bodywork for her own restitution.

Mother also needs to stay warm at all times. This is complex with a newborn baby to care for (& sometimes other children at home) & so it is here where the need for support comes in.

Motherhood is a lifetime experience & the need for support & care doesn't expire within the first three months.

So if you need care & support some years down the line, or if you never received postpartum support & feel empty & depleted, doula support is also for you.

As a doula, I take on the tasks that may seem too hard or that may feel tedious; I take on the care of your body & I support your process by holding space & providing unbiased sources of information & other resources to help you in this deep, life altering transition. 

*Doula Support includes a Pre-booking video call which is free of charge whether you decide to hire my services or not, so give it a try without commitment. You may just find something inspiring for your postpartum experience...

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The Short Visit
2.5 Hour Home Visit

Single Visit / 2,900 Kroner


Multiple Visits

 2,500 NoK / Each​

(Minimum 3 Visits)

The Long Visit
4 Hour Home Visit


Single Visit / 4,100 Kroner


Multiple Visits

3,500 NoK / Each

(Minimum 3 Visits)

The Bundle Of Joy


6 Visits x 3 Hours each

(Practical Help, Emotional Support, Unlimited massage & Babywearing)


2 Pregnancy Massages

(60 min Each)

2 Postpartum Planning Sessions

(2 Hours Each)


2 Online Postpartum Check-In Calls

(60 min Each)


6 weeks of Free Slings*

(Try as many slings as you wish during the first 6 weeks of your journey)


Access to the Members Portal

Resource Page for 12 Months*

One Time Payment

31,000 NoK

Additional Visits

2,800 NoK / Each


*Combination Packages Are Possible. You Can Request 2hrs or 4 hrs Interchangeably & Still Accumulate on Your Number of Visits. For Example, You Have 2 Long Visits But Now You Want Only 2.5 Hours? Your 3rd visit would still be considered towards your multiple visit price so you would pay 3,400 + 3,400 + 2,400.

*Multiple Visit Clients Will Be Invoiced Every Two Weeks. No Advanced Payment Needed.

*Subject to Availability. To Secure Your Visits & Get priority Booking I recommend Booking Multiple Visits in Advance or take the Bundle Of Joy Package.

*For Information on Re-Booking & Cancellation Policies Please Read More Here.