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Pregnant Mother Workshop:

Innate Postpartum: Planning For The Fourth Trimester

online class starts May 23rd
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May 23 & 30
June 13 & 20

4 classes online

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Pregnant Mother Workshop:

Innate Postpartum: Planning For The Fourth Trimester


Pregnant Mother Workshop​: Innate Postpartum: Planning for the Fourth Trimester

Next In Person Class

August 2022


Next Online Class (Open for Anyone in or outside of Norway)

23 May, 30 May, 13 June & 20 June

19:00-21:00 (UTC +1)

*Limited spaces available. Minimum two People/couples.

*If in Oslo, you may Attend the course online & the postpartum class In-Person Further Down The Line. 


A workshop by Rachelle Garcia Seliga, founder of Innate Traditions & taught in Oslo by Kate Brinch Sand, Innate Postpartum Certified Provider 

Innate Postpartum: Planning for the Fourth Trimester


This workshop for pregnant mothers & their support system is a unique opportunity to truly delve into physiological postpartum as it will be experienced after pregnancy, because postpartum is much more than forty days. 

Most of us prepared for the birth. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the weeks & months after the birth, to plan what you will need & ensure you have the tools for recovery.  This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to evaluate & plan how to approach the fourth trimester in an engaging & safe environment. 


The Innate Postpartum program exalts the importance of care & community in the recovery process of a new mother. The workshop focuses on the essentials of postpartum care as core elements of maternal health, & maternal health as the base for community health. 


This unique program addresses with factual information, the importance of postpartum care for future health, not only the first 40 days but well into your future. 


The workshop is a creation of Rachelle Garcia Seliga & is taught exclusively by Innate Certified providers all over the world. As a certified provider residing in Oslo I am happy to bring this workshop for parents in this community. 



"I have seventeen years experience as a certified bodyworker & the last six years I have specialised in women's wellness & worked with mothers through therapeutic massage, breastfeeding support, babywearing & postpartum care. I have a background in women’s literature, feminism & women’s empowerment studies in traditional cultures. I am a mother of two little ones & a full time stepmom to a teen age boy."


I am a postpartum professional & care provider certified by Innate Postpartum Care. Additionally, I’m a certified massage therapist & teacher (2005) specialized in pregnancy & postpartum bodywork, particularly Thai modalities & Rebozo techniques from my home country, Mexico.


Born & raised in Mexico, I come from a bicultural family (Mexican mother & American father) & I started The Milk & Oil Company in Oslo in 2020 after moving here from Thailand, my adopted homeland, where I lived 10 years & became a mother myself. . 


In the first two years of TM&O I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with close to 200 mothers in Norway. My massage therapy work is specialized in female wellness & motherhood. I provide professional bodywork together with postpartum services. Additionally,  I run the Oslo Sling Library since June 2020 & I launched a postpartum cafe for all moms who need a little more support. In September 2020 I won a small grant through Oslo Soup to follow this dream of postpartum support alternatives for new parents in Oslo.  


Other credentials include postpartum doula certification by Newborn Mothers Collective; babywearing consultant certification by Slingababy; Birth Story Listener certification by Birth Story Medicine; & I’m a student of breastfeeding with Childbirth International.



This workshop is suitable for pregnant mothers who are, ideally, between 20 & 35 weeks gestation.

Partners & other support persons (a family member or friend) are encouraged to attend with you. 

*Doulas & other birth professionals working with mothers & mothers to be, cannot attend unless they are pregnant themselves & attend in preparation for their own experience.



The first day runs prenatally. The second session will take place 3 to 6 months after part one & will serve as a form of reunion & rite of passage ceremony for all members of the class. People living in Norway can attend an online class & come to an in-person session for part two.

Newborn Baby
Proud Parents



In this informative & interactive workshop we will explore the physiological needs of the mother during the fourth trimester & we will cover different aspects of her care including physical & emotional. We will look in-depth into the essentials of postpartum care, looking into the pillars & the foundation, & we will explore how to achieve the best care & recovery so a mother can thrive & not only strive to survive. This workshop is very unique in that it places the mother's health at the center & it addresses the positive trickle down effect of mother's health as a source of health for the entire family.





The prenatal segment of this workshop will cover the essentials of postpartum & in-depth preparation for the fourth trimester. We will learn about the impact of postpartum care in your immediate & future health; as well as how the choices we make in early postpartum determine the course of our health years down the line. We will also work on preparation & planning: what you’ll truly need, how to achieve it & what to expect realistically. This program offers you useful information which is based on physiology & which will allow you to make important decisions before your baby arrives. 


During the in-person workshop we will divide the day in two segments with a break for lunch. This will match the four segments of the online class. Each segment addresses different elements of physiologic postpartum, preparation, planing strategies & discussion time.


(Please read the “practicalities” segment below for more details). 

Holding the Belly


The second day will be organized based on the last due date in the group & will consist of a gathering of mothers & babies, plus their support system (personal nor professional) & we will share experiences, questions, birth stories & a unique closing the bones bodywork group session. The second day is a wonderful opportunity not only to re-connect with the families from the original class but also to celebrate each other & address any questions or concerns related to postpartum while you are in the midst of it. 

Image by Ibrahim Boran


  • The workshop takes place in Majorstua in Oslo, Norway or online through Zoom.

  • This is a workshop for mothers 20-35 weeks pregnant, but exceptions can be made. 

  • There is limited capacity so book early. 

  • Do notice the online version is live. 

  • This workshop will be taught in English. 

  • I also speak Spanish, Norwegian, Italian & French. 

  • A detailed email will be sent to those enrolled for more in-depth information a week before starting but you can email me anytime on

  • The second session will take place in late summer 2022. It will be a 2-3 hour session depending on how many people join. Dates will be announced in advance & everyone in the group will be taken into consideration when setting a date. 

  • Learn more about me & what I do on